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  • GHad

    GHad - 2008-02-19


    my name is Gerhard Balthasar and I'm using groovy actively since version 1.5, but followed the line earlier. I recently stumbled upon this great Eclipse plugin here and although I did not investige very deep, I fell in love. As a Java/Groovy developer I always have some nice ideas to ease my dev-day and with Groovy Monkey I would really like to get it done.

    But... I noticed the plugin only works for Eclipse 3.2 :-( (Tried it with v3.3 europe release)

    I like, need and want the features from v3.3 and the upcoming Eclipse 3.4. And I would love to customize them with Groovy Monkey for my daily development, refactoring, utilization, web lookups, build environment, templating projects/workingsets and so on. I'm full of ideas to realize...

    So can you please tell me, if and when a version for Eclipse 3.3 (and groovy 1.5 :-) will be available?

    Best regards and very good work,

    Gerhard Balthasar

    PS: I didn't read about for example adding a button to a view, registering a filetype to a script/editor or adding a builder/nature to a project. Is this possible? Does Groovy Monky provide some kind of startup/shutdown hook?

    • James E. Ervin

      James E. Ervin - 2008-02-19

      I find it surprising that you say that the plugin does not work with Eclipse 3.3 (Europa), I have been using it with little trouble.  What are your problems?  Could you send me a screenshot or your error log (under your workspace directory $workspace/.metadata/.log file?  I would be very interested to see what is going on.  In fact I was able to play with it using Eclipse 3.4 M4 without trouble.

      It could be trouble with the Groovy Eclipse plugin in that groovy wants to be treated like the Java JRE libraries, namely one instance per VM.  I have a new version in the SVN repository that makes use of the org.codehaus.groovy library plugin directly (in fact I made the org.codehaus.groovy library plugin for Groovy Eclipse for this reason).  I will be making a new version here in the near future, hopefully before EclipseCon and I will publish a version that depends on the org.codehaus.groovy library plugin.  Hopefully that will resolve it?

      I need to make the plugin live with the Eclipse Monkey that already exists and allow for backward compatibility.  I am very interested in how people are using this plugin and am open to suggestions on how to improve upon it.  In fact I use it for my everyday work.

      James E. Ervin

    • GHad

      GHad - 2008-02-20

      Well, I think you are right. With both test installments of Eclipse v3.3 I was also using the Groovy Eclipse Plugin Version 1.5 with groovy 1.5. So trouble may comes from there. But at office we are still using Eclipse 3.2 (via MyEclipse) and here I also have the Groovy Eclipse Plugin v1.5 installed and Groovy Monkey works perfectly. So I will send you the screenshot/log when I'm at home today.

      It would be really cool, if you could publish your plug which depends on Groovy Eclipse Plugin soon, I'm hot to start off... Or is there an easy way to get this working by building from Subversion or if you mail me a special version of the plugin that works with Groovy Eclipse Plugin 1.5?

      For the improvement suggestions. Well, I didn't do enough coding yet to tell you big improvement suggestions, but I will come back to this as soon as I have ideas. Well, one thing: You may register your filtype gm to the groovy editor to get full support on code coloring and such things. And as I posted before, a startup/shutdown hook would be a nice feature.

      Thank you for the quick response, with best regards,

      Gerhard Balthasar

    • GHad

      GHad - 2008-02-21


      I left you a message at sourceforge with all the errors i discovered and log entries related to Groovy Monkey. Hope you find it usefull.

      Thanks a lot,

      Gerhard Balthasar

    • GHad

      GHad - 2008-03-04


      I left you a message at your mail account (because sending a picture). Is there any progress regarding the errors or a new version?

      Meanwhile I managed to get some cool things done with GrooveMonkey, for example calling Groovy Scripts from gm script,  adding Groovy Utils to every script or using SWT (somehow slow...). I encountered yome issues especially with SWT, but I will open up more forum entries regarding these issues and some questions when GM is working at home under Eclipse v3.3.

      So far, with best regards,

      Gerhard Balthasar

      Keep it up, groovy is getting more and more popular nower days since v1.5 is out: easy, stable and very usable for daily business and more.

    • GHad

      GHad - 2008-03-05

      Good news!!!

      I just updated my Eclipse to Version 3.3.2 and Groovy Monkey works now! Okay then, thank you for your effort for the moment. I will post more question when I dive into it deeper. Meanwhile I asked some question here and per mail. It would be cool, if you could answer them.

      With best regards,

      Gerhard Balthas

    • James E. Ervin

      James E. Ervin - 2008-03-18

      I have a new version of the plugin on the update site: http://groovy-monkey.sourceforge.net/update

      Try it and let me know what you think.  It has the latest groovy.

      Also are you attending EclipseCon?  If so maybe we could chat there for a few minutes when you are available...


      • GHad

        GHad - 2008-03-21

        Hi James,

        thank you very much for your effort, sounds great! I'll try it asap, but I'm a little bit out of time at the moment. So I didn't response sooner and not going to EclipseCon, next year... we'll see.

        I'll report questions and progress to this forum and I will also write up an article at http://groovy.dzone.com/ for some advanced usage as soon as I'm ready, but don't expect somthing within the next two weeks though.

        Again, thank you very much! I'm totaly excited and looking forward to give it a try!

        With best regards,

        Gerhard Balthasar


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