I'm developing search engine for my company website using groonga (currently use mroonga). Now, i want to use groonga natively (not using mroonga/mysql) and after a view days the search engine is ready for testing. http Data migration is done using simple query (load) but after i'm doing some testing for search using more complex query like this: http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:10041/d/select.json?table=post_stream&query=title:@blackberry%20+%20message:@blackberry%20OR%20title:@z10%20+%20message:@z10&sortby=-creation_date,-_score&limit=100&offset=0, the groonga http daemon is often crash and the service is dead. To run http daemon i use this command $ groonga -p 10041 -d --protocol <my DB path>. I dont know why this happen. Should i use groonga server package (groonga-httpd, groonga-server-http, or groonga-server-gqtp)?