• Mick

    Mick - 2010-02-12


    Could you post some kind of roadmap for the future releases?

    You could also provide a set of features/issues you need help with.
    I'm pretty sure there are lot's of people who can contribute.


  • Graham Pitt

    Graham Pitt - 2010-02-13


    Thanks for the interest.

    Generally, each task on the roadmap has been requested by someone or something I would like to see.  Here is a list of things that are already implemented already in trunk ready for the 1.0 release:

    DONE: 15) Add added/removed file highlighting to file tree diffing review
    DONE: 31) Add 'Defer' and 'Partial' to accept/reject.
    DONE: 72) Support subversion authentication.
    DONE: 96) Option to switch reviewed file from left to right side in code compare.
    DONE: 103) Suggest alternative files when resource is not found based on filenames, near sizes or lowest difference count.
    DONE: 109) File selections as tree, rather than drop down list.
    DONE: 105) Patch database to Nth level support.
    DONE: 110) Resource folder selection as tree, rather than dropdown.
    DONE: 115) Support declaring repositories.
    DONE: 117) Implement line spanning in database.
    DONE: 118) Configurable link actions (i.e. regex's - or just link activation!?)
    DONE: 122) Remember maximised state of code view for review (via not reloading on changing file)
    DONE: 124) Friendly error message in file tree when the repository is unavailable
    DONE: 125) Configurable database name
    DONE: 126) Loading image for comment history
    DONE: 130) Optimise for better performance
    DONE: 131) Allow general comments against deleted files.
    DONE: 132) Display reviews with most recent first
    DONE: 134) Compensate for scroll bars in diff image.

    The following tasks are in progress on a branch in svn (groogle/devel/81-*)

    81) Support upload of patch diff files.
    138) Support developer entered compare against support in raise review form and review submit.

    The following tasks are targets for the 1.0 release but haven't been implemented yet:

    127) Animated tick when preference is successfully set
    128) Busy indicator when files are being added to the repository
    133) Show clickable comment stars from summary against code.
    135) Category reassignment.

    Groogle 1.0 hasn't gone through much QC yet, but the following bugs are outstanding:

    * Selecting repository subversion path filters revision list to only that request.
    * Highlighted lines not cleared when navigating between files (selected comment needs clearing too?)
    * Can't add global repositories from UI.
    * Repository import isn't currently supported.
    * Compare against an inaccessible repository and click next/previous file leaves previous file available for highlighting.
    * Missing archive on server gives error messages when viewing resource.
    * IE7/8 fixes.

    The following tasks are planned for a future release (after 1.0)

    * 20) Collaboration - Add messenging features
    * 21) Collaboration - Add file referencing support
    * 29) Metrics (See pear module for graphs pear::Image_Graph)
    * 35) Collaboration - Add showing present participants
    * 70) Comment templates.
    * 73) Optional participants only private reviews.
    * 104) Icons to minimise a code view window, toggle highlighting, etc.
    * 108) Next/previous difference buttons.
    * 116) Code text highlight/line highlight toggling
    - 27) Add administrative GUI configuration
    - 47) RSS feed for open reviews
    - 48) Add CVS support.
    - 55) Optional 'just visiting'
    - 69) Edit review support.
    - 74) Selected file in 'Files avail in review' shown in file dropdown as 'filename.ext in ./folder/subfolder' format. (obsoleted by 109?)
    - 77) Per-user cache for reviews that require authentication.
    - 82) Exclude filters in file tree.
    - 85) Package for Debian
    - 86) Inline display of changes.
    - 90) Check for synchronization between authentication cookie and session expiration
    - 95) Load left and right code views separately when viewing second file.
    - 98) Recall review option
    - 106) Float comment form in maximised view.
    - 129) Long revision list doesn't wrap, pushes new/commit buttons onto new line.
      16) Add overview specific review comments
      17) Add comment references that cross file boundaries (previous comment dropdown)
      18) Add multiple reviewer support
      19) Add group review support (observer, secondary reviewer, mediator - fagan roles?)
      24) Support for multiple reviewer access
      26) Add review scheduling support
      84) Configuration for page compression.
      99) Konqueror support
    119) Mercurial support
    120) GIT support
    121) Bazaar support
    136) Remove review_summary function calls, replace with ajax + xsl to centralise access control.
    137) Add unmodified to added/removed/modified options in file tree comparison.
    139) Automatic cache maintenance

    Anyone who would like to help out implementing any of the above, or any other feature they would like to implement would be very welcome.




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