"My repositories" is missing

  • Jonas Bergström

    You referenced a "My repositories" link in a previous post, but I can't find it.
    I'm using the 0.9.3. How do I set up svn repositories in this release?

    Thanks / Jonas

  • Graham Pitt

    Graham Pitt - 2011-02-03


    My repositories is a part of the 1.0.0 release which is upcoming.  In the current release you simply use subversion URL's.

    When you upgrade to 1.0.0, the groogle database update script will convert your existing subversion urls to repositories.



  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2012-08-29

    Hi Graham,

    I've installed 0.9.3. Inn the above reply you mentioned:
    > In the current release you simply use subversion URL's.

    Where do I define this?

    In "Request for a code review" form, when I enter SVN http path, for example http://localhost/svn/testrepo  I don't see revisions listed.

    I haven't made any modification in conf/svn.php.

    Where can mention svn repository list?

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2012-08-29

    I could get this working.

    Issue was becuase of deprecated split() function in resource_handler_svn.php

    Also there was issue with memory_limit in php.ini.



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