How do I log in to Groogle first time?

  • flygarhunden

    flygarhunden - 2010-06-28

    I am trying to set up Groogle to know if this is something I'd want to use. There is not a sandbox anywhere to try it out?

    Hopefully I shouldn't be to far off a running system now. Part of the problem is of course I have little experience with LAMP from before so getting everything set up took quite a while. I am on Ubuntu (Karmic Koala).

    Anyway, I got rid of that eeek page with all the warnings, I think SSL is working ok, but still cannot log in to the system. I even tried to add a user manually into the database but I get no reaction at all from login.php whatever I enter in user/password.

    Any ideas?

    See screenshot of my login page below

  • Graham Pitt

    Graham Pitt - 2010-06-28

    Hi flygarhunden,

    Looks like you are nearly there.  The usernames and passwords aren't stored in the database.  The users table is populated wheneach user logs in, rather than using it to list the users that can log in.  Barking up the wrong tree there!

    Groogle uses a pear module called php-auth which supports authentication against a range of existing authentication systems, such as active directory, etc.  These can be configured by editing the htdocs/conf/auth.php file.

    The default setup simply lists username and passwords in the above file.  By default, the usernames 'user1' and 'user2' with passwords 'pass1' and 'pass2' respectively are setup.




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