java4k Log

Commit Date  
[d01cf5] by albrechtm

Add license description.

Start adding support for showing a list of applets to run.

2013-11-14 21:56:34 Tree
[0e66c4] by albrechtm

Back out the doPrivileged access.

2013-10-15 14:42:56 Tree
[30df9e] by albrechtm

Wrap the top-level privileged actions inside AccessController.doPrivileged calls.

2013-10-15 13:59:59 Tree
[98883e] by albrechtm

Remove obsolete security manager

2013-10-14 00:38:19 Tree
[924594] by Groboclown Groboclown

Correct the security manager so that it uses a policy file, and does not rely upon the stack trace. Also, add unit tests for the security.

2013-10-14 00:29:48 Tree
[419197] by groboclown

Update launcher security and add tests

2013-10-10 22:39:11 Tree
[fa4f69] by albrechtm

Finish up the Basic launcher stuff.

2013-10-04 20:46:26 Tree
[0f9807] by albrechtm

Update security issues.

2013-10-04 17:43:36 Tree
[3d1b31] by albrechtm

Change the package name.

2013-10-04 15:20:11 Tree
[0659bc] by albrechtm

Move the launcher into its own top-level folder.

2013-10-04 13:05:18 Tree