Report generation fails

  • MaskedAvenger

    MaskedAvenger - 2005-12-20

    Hi !

    I have a problem with the source reports. I instrumented my binaries and gathered coverage data with the Grobo Coverage 5a, which works fine.
    Whenever I try to generate source report (either source, sourcehtml or sourcexsl), I got the following warning / exception :

    [grobo-report] Creating combined coverage report
    [grobo-report] Warning: popContextNodeList when stack is empty!

    D:\Workspaces\Convention\RefConv\build.xml:223: Errors while applying transformations: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -1

    I checked the resulting reports :
    * some files are missing (the likes of 'package-classes.html')
    * files are incomplete and I think they're note completely formatted

    Note that I do have files in the unnamed package.

    Any suggestion ?
    TIA, Grégory

    • MaskedAvenger

      MaskedAvenger - 2005-12-21

      Update on my previous message...

      The problem happened while measuring every metric.
      I restricted to bytecode and branch metrics, the problem disappeared. Then I added the other metrics one at a time and the problem did not reappear.

  • saranya

    saranya - 2012-01-23

    am having a problem in report generation. my class fiels are getting instrumented nut wen i try to create report based on branch measure am getting a report with status no class is covered….. could any one help? am using the same report  generation code given in . help me out pls. where am laggin. its urgent


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