#61 Change comb. rpt file and/or allow for file name to be spec.

Sean McRae

The CodeCoverage module generates two reports based
on the <simple> tag (<simplestyle> in the
documentation?) for coverage by line and function. The
<source> tag (<sourcestyle> in the doc?) generates a
combined report by source file. The issue lies in how the
generated reports are named.

CoverageReport-Function.html, CoverageReport-
LineCount.html are named logically, but the combine
coverage report is named index.html which could likely
conflict with other generated output.

I think at a minimum it would be nice to see the file for
combined coverage named in a more systematic method
like CoverageReport-CombinedIndex.html. But I think the
better solution would be to break all the reports into
separate tags that could be called and then allow for
the report name to be specified in that tag. If not
specified then default to the names above.


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