I am on Windows XP with SP2 (English version). The version of Grisbi is 0.5.7.

Hope this helps. I'll be happy to send the font if needed.


On 7/26/06, Fran├žois Terrot <> wrote:
Anousak Souphavanh wrote:
> Dear Francois et al,
> I try to enter Lao UNICIODE characters in the Grisbi application but
> all I
> get was ???????? then I tried to add a new font under the 'Edit' -
> 'Preferences', some how the program crashed, what I changed doesn't get
> effect when start new application.
> You are right, this may not be the UNICODE Lao issue but maybe a minor
> technical such as stated above. Would you it be OK to give our team
> the Lao
> UNICODE font (free font that my team created) to test it?
> Thanks for your info.
> Anousak
I'm sorry I miss understand the problem.

I will be happy to provide you the support required to add Lao UNICODE
support to Grisbi.

First I need some extra information about your configuration:
Which Windows version are you using (version and language) ?
Which version of Grisbi ?

Best Regards
Francois Terrot

Anousak Souphavanh