#53 patch for filename character replacement


A lot of folk and soundtrack CDs have tracks that are
usually listed in the cddb with slashes between them.
When grip
writes out the file names and strips out the slashes, the
resulting file names are hard to read with the words
smashed together:

02-The Millennium FalconImperial Cruiser Pursuit.mp3
15-Drowsy MaggieRakish PaddyHarvest Storm.mp3
08-La PartidaTo Bed Thy Weary BodyFinbar Dwyer'sLeather
05-The DawnMcGovern'sPiper on HorsebackBay of
FundyStoney Point.mp3
04-Gone But Not ForgottenCatherine ParrMerlin The

We use software that generates an index of mp3s from
the directory
and file names, so we see these confusing names.

A related problem is things like Weather Report's
"8:30" album,
which is a fine directory name on Unix but when I
export it to
Windows using Samba, Windows chokes on it. Similarly for
"20 Essential Tracks From The Boxed Set: 1965-1990".

Attached is a patch to grip 2.96 to add two
configuration strings,
to translate any character to any other character in
file names.
I use it to translate the characters "/\:" to "---",
making valid,
readable file names:

05-The Dawn-McGovern's-Piper on Horseback-Bay of
Fundy-Stoney Point.mp3


  • David J. MacKenzie

    patch to support filename character replacement

  • Mike Oliphant

    Mike Oliphant - 2002-01-06
    • priority: 5 --> 4
  • David J. MacKenzie

    updated version of patch for 2.98.6

  • Mike Oliphant

    Mike Oliphant - 2004-03-11
    • milestone: 101381 -->

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