#47 Simplify the naming of the unkown CDs


If the CD is unkonw, the procedure is to fill the
missing information using grip. The only small problem
is the way the focus act for the filling the information :
- first fill the name of the band , date ,...
- then select each track with the mouse, then click on
the flied "name of the track" and add the name of the song

It will have been more easy to be capable to fill the
name of the track without the need to select the next
track with the mouse and using for example up/down.


LAurent Saint-Michel


  • Mike Oliphant

    Mike Oliphant - 2002-12-26
    • milestone: 101381 -->
  • R Pickett

    R Pickett - 2003-01-15

    Logged In: YES

    If you're adding the name of a track, and hit enter, it will
    automatically advance to the next track, which is very cool,
    and takes care of all of the mousing around you are describing.


    The one feature I'd request in this respect is that grip
    should, imho, highlight the trackname of the next track when
    doing this auto-advance thing.

    That is, if I'm filling in the tracknames for an album
    that's unknown, I type in the replacement for "Track 1" and
    press enter, it advances to the next track, but I have to
    backspace over "Track 2" before I can type. If it selected
    the contents of the textbox (so that my typing replaced
    them), I could just keep typing and hitting enter.


  • Claude Heiland-Allen

    Logged In: YES

    I want to second emerson's request, and for the focus
    entering multi artist cds to be different. The return works
    great for single artist CDs, but you still have to do the
    clickontrack clickonbox delete entertext.

    Having thought about it a little more I think a workaround
    is to enter the artists and names separated by / and then
    convert them with the converter button thingy.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Logged In: NO

    I would also like to add that if you are playing the CD,
    each time you press ENTER or click/select a new track to
    edit the track name, grip actually plays that track. This is
    pretty annoying, IMHO.
    Suggested behavior : select != play, ie. when you highlight
    a track with one click of the mouse for example, you can
    edit whatever you like. Playing the track would be toggled
    by double click.


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