#30 Multiple CD Drive Support


The ability to suport multiple CD Drives. EG being able
to put three drives in the cd text feild
'/dev/cdrom,/dev/cdrom1,/dev/dvd' and be able to
play/rip from the multiple drives like a multi disk cd


  • Kronos003

    Kronos003 - 2006-04-05

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    It would be very useful to be able to rip from multiple cds
    at once - either have a hiercal display under tracks or have
    a separate tab for each drive.

    Possibly easier would be to allow multiple sesions and
    different drive for each session

    We VERY MUCH NEED an option to rip multiple cds at once
    while maintaioning the freedb data intact for each one.

  • npendleton1

    npendleton1 - 2007-04-11

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    Originator: NO

    I am not certain (You will have to test!) but I would guess that a script that starts a GRIP instance for each CD Drive, so you would have 3 parallel instances of GRIP open in your window. The script would pass via the command line options which CD drive each instances of GRIP is useing. The several windows would all have to be opened in parallel, and confirmed in each GRIP instance's CD config and RIP config, and if this idea works!

    "%c — The CDrom device being used."
    "%C — The generic scsi device being used (note that this will be substituted with the CDrom device if no generic scsi device has been specified)."

    I would build a script that lets you start any or all drives.


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