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#104 Cannot Find /dev/cdrom

Clive Payne

Minor question regarding default/initial configuration.
Launching grip from the default Mandrake 10.1
"Official" distro I saw the error "Cannot find /dev/cdrom".

A very minor amount of research revealed that this was
the default device type for grip, but that Mandrake, in
their infinite wisdom, had changed the default device
class to /dev/sr0 [which I suspect translates to Scsi
Rom 0].

I was able to use /etc/fstab to determine this and then
to correct grip's configuration. Problem solved.

However, it occured to me that it might be better for
grip to do something similar on an automatic basis. You
can parse /etc/fstab looking for a device with a mount
point of /mnt/cdrom and then split out the first field
of the returned line [if you grep for it] to return the
/dev device.

A little tweaking might allow you to create a more
dynamic configuration tool that allows you to do this
detection on first launch.

Fabulous piece of software by the way!! ;o)


  • Kjetil T. Homme

    Kjetil T. Homme - 2005-01-04

    Logged In: YES

    I don't think this is a good idea, some people have more
    than one CDROM player (e.g. I have a DVD-ROM and a
    CD-writer). I have selected the CD-writer as /dev/cdrom
    since that's more convenient for me. I'm not sure how Grip
    would be able to deduce that based on my fstab.

    anyway, it's a de facto standard for Linux installations
    that /dev/cdrom points to a CD player. you should file a
    bug against Mandrake instead. they should either create a
    /dev/cdrom symlink during their install, or they should
    change the default setting in their Grip build.

  • Solbu

    Solbu - 2017-07-30

    Ticket moved from /p/grip/bugs/289/


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