Seong-Kook Cin - 2010-03-10

I use grip 3.3.1 on my gentoo linux system.

One of my Korean song CD is already registered in with the disk id b40cc50d.
It is encoded in euc-kr encoding, so that I changed the "DB character set encoding" to euc-kr, and grip will show the CDDB information (title, etc) properly.

When I rip/encode (ogg), I use the encode file format "~/ogg/%A/%d/%n.wav" and "~/ogg/%A/%d/%n.ogg".
Of cource, since my gentoo system uses UTF-8 as its base encoding, I just leave the ID3v1, ID3v2 character set encoding to UTF-8.

When grip starts ripping, it did not create the file name as specified ("~/ogg/%A/%d/%n.wav"), but it creates a file "~/ogg/_/xxx/_____.wav").  It seems that it did not handle a directory/filename in non-ASCII format.  Since any korean alphabet is translated to "_" character, I have no choice to use "%t.wav" and "%t.ogg" since %t is substituted to the track number which is in ASCII encoding.

Fortunately, the Korean ID3 tag is set to properly in the .ogg files in UTF-8 encoding.  The problem is in creating directory/filename with format specifiers such as "%A", "%d", "%n".