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  • Kevin Miller

    Kevin Miller - 2006-05-20

    I have a CD that I ripped tonight which wasn't in the FreeDB database. I figured as long as I was entering all the titles and such anyway I ought to do my part and submit it.  Maybe I'm just a dummy, but I can't find where to!  There doesn't seem to be a "submit" button anywhere.  What's worse, after I ripped the CD, all the info I entered disappeared.

    In ~/.cddb I have info from CDs which I'd previously ripped and which were found on FreeDb, but not the new info I entered in grip.

    Can someone explain what the steps are to upload the info to Freedb?  Type slow, as apparently I'm a bit dense! <g>

    I'm using grip on SUSE 10.  Within grip, the config already had the URL and email address for freedb entered.



    • FrenchNewbie

      FrenchNewbie - 2006-05-27

      Hello Kevin,

      When you are in 'Editor Mode' (Pen Icon selected in the bottom of the Grip window) and when you can edit the Track name, you have two more icons on the same line as the 'Muli-artist' checkbox :
      - the first one to 'Save info to disk' in your ~/.cddb
      - the second one to 'Submit disc info' to the freedb server you configured
      (I only use the Primary server, but the second one should be used if the first one is knoked down I guess;)

      I don't speak english fluently but I hope you'll understand enought to Save and Post your Disc Info to FreeDB (if you didn't found it yourself by now;)


      From shell, you should type 'grip --verbose' to find out if something goes wrong ... it's sometime usefull, especially when retrieving informations from FreeDB !

      • Kevin Miller

        Kevin Miller - 2006-05-28

        Thanks!  I had been in editor mode, but never noticed the two little icons on the right.  That's exactly the piece of the puzzle I was missing.

        I haven't tried it yet, but I'm sure it'll work fine now that I know where to look.  Hopefully they'll add this to the FAQ or manual.  I'm sure I'm not the only one that's been confused by it.  On the other hand, maybe I'm just getting dense in my old age! <g>

        BTW, your English was quite easy to understand.


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