#389 Problem with SATA drives?


It looks as if Grip cannot work with SATA drives. After swapping my IDE drive for a SATA drive I cannot use Grip any more, though I changed /dev/hdc into /dev/scd0 and even tried /dev/sg0 as a generic device. I can use cdparanoia on the command line to ripp a CD and also any other program can use the new SATA drive: k9copy, kcd, kaudiocreator, ripperX, sound-juicer, xine, mplayer, you name it. Grip it the only programm that can not use the SATA drive.

The symptoms look like this: after opening the drive and inserting a CD, I can use the appropriate button in Grip's to close the cd-tray. The CD speeds up and after a few seconds the title and tracks of the cd are shown, but after 3 seconds this information vanishes again and Grip tells me that there is no CD in the drive.


  • I can confirm this. I have a SATA blu-ray drive that grip can't figure out. I can rip fine with sound-juicer. When I first put a CD in, it reads it, shows the track info from CDDB, then it says "No Disc" and the track info goes away. Also cannot eject it either. Maybe a conflict with HAL?

    May 11 10:53:17 Adopted [55752.254441] sr0: CDROM not ready yet.
    May 11 10:53:19 Adopted [55754.257181] sr0: disc change detected.
    May 11 10:53:27 Adopted [55762.253009] ISO 9660 Extensions: Microsoft Joliet Level 1
    May 11 10:53:28 Adopted [55762.881276] ISOFS: changing to secondary root
    May 11 10:53:28 Adopted hald: mounted /dev/sr0 on behalf of uid 1000

    the secondary root mount happens from HAL after it decides to mount the data portion of this disc. It gets mounted as a data CD and also separately shows as an Audio CD, which can be browsed by other programs.

  • Can also Confirm, but very funny is, if showing the volume control, dragging the volume control makes the tracks reapear, the I can ripp em, but only track one or all selectable, editor only alows track one data to be edited, can not select any other track