#88 multipart/form-data support

TCPProxy (9)

TCPProxy doesn't support multipart/form-data.
However, multipart/form-data is used a lot on the web.

I wrote a patch for TCPProxy to support multipart/form-data.

Please, apply it or consider it?


  • Philip Aston

    Philip Aston - 2009-12-28

    Checked in as of revision 4208.

  • Philip Aston

    Philip Aston - 2009-12-28

    I'm not sure the patch copes fully with the multipart data that contains files. We might consider extending the support as follows.

    * The working directory is hard coded to "/tmp" in ConnectionHandlerImplementation - this isn't general enough, and also will mean the user is likely to ignore or delete the recorded files.
    * Perhaps we could use the current working directory together with a FilenameMangler to add a unique prefix to the files?
    * Would need to demangle the filenames on replay.
    * Could add comments to the generated script indicating that it relies on the files.

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