• Rose Mueller
    Rose Mueller

    Hallo all,
    I´ve got a question respective the use of the player.
    Is it possible to import data of voltage with the player?

  • Jason Fuller
    Jason Fuller


    Player has access to any public variable within objects.  To get a list of possible variables, you can type:

        gridlabd -modhelp powerflow:node

    for example, to look at all of the node object properties in the powerflow module.

    That said, some values may be overwritten by calculations, such as voltage in a powerflow solution.  If you 'play' in a voltage, this really only becomes the initial guess for the voltage, as the solution of voltage at a particular node is driven by the source voltage, current injections, and the admittance matrix.  So, really, at most nodes, that value will effectively be ignored - it may just slow down you solution time.

    However, a player can be put on the SWING node voltage and it will not be overwritten by the solution.  This will act as a new source voltage and drive the rest of the voltages downstream.   We use this quite a bit to represent the swing of the transmission voltage over time.