Instal problem with Mac OSX 10.8.2

  • Nicholas Heine

    Nicholas Heine - 2013-02-07


    I am a new grid lab user and Im having trouble installing on Mac OSX 10.8.2.  After downloading, I open the installer and let it run, but then I cant find gridlab on the computer.  I have gridlab running fine on my personal windows machine, but I am having trouble with this Mac.  Also what sort of text editor and compiler should I run?  Are there any installation instructions for mac users?


  • David P. Chassin

    If you are installed V2.3, the default install folder is /usr/lib/gridlabd.  The default command line is "/usr/bin/gridlabd".  Any text editor will do.  I'm on old "vi" guy, but most folks would not recommend using that.

  • Nicholas Heine

    Nicholas Heine - 2013-02-19


    I was trying to verify that the install went correctly, but when I type "gridlabd -version" in the terminal I get the following message:

    WARNING  : /usr/lib/gridlabd/tzinfo.txt(36): timezone spec 'WILDABBR0WILDABBR' not found in 'tzinfo.txt', will include no DST information
    GridLAB-D Grizzly

    What does this mean and do I need to fix it somehow?


  • David P. Chassin

    This is typical of Mac installations where the locale is unknown.  You can give GridLAB-D a hint about your timezone by added the following to your shell startup script (e.g., .profile):

    export TZ=PST+8PDT

    or whatever your timezone is.


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