Mohammad Bhuyan - 2009-02-12


A bit of a background first. I am developing a basic GridFTP server (Java) and using the GridFtp client to test it. I can connect in passive mode and browse directory (using MLSD).

I am running both my server and the GridFTP client in same machine (Ubuntu host)


(1) Active mode doesn't work. At the server I never see any PORT command sent by client. Btw, I used ufw to turn off firewall

(2) Data transfer doesn't happen.

I run two instance of my server (in same host) and use the client (same host) to connect to them (both connection in Passive mode) and browse directory, it works. But the problem happens when request transfer. From client I never see any request sent to server. The client just sits there saying PREPARING and eventually fails saying read times out.

I will appreciate the help.