Grid FTP Client next version

  • Ravi

    Hello GridFTP Client Plugin developers,


    It is great to see the work that has been done. I have installed it onto my eclipse and tried it. Its simply superb.
    when is the next release with mensioned features like non-3rd-party transfers, etc?

    We have a requirement to transfer files from any gridftp server to a desktop machine that is not part of the grid. Provided the user credentials, can we a mean to download file from grid ftp server to non-grid desktop?

    Thanks & Regards,

    • Jan Ploski
      Jan Ploski

      Hi Ravi,

      Thanks for the feedback and sorry for not responding earlier. The next release is around the corner (likely this or next week). However, it focuses on the standalone RCP version (installable without Eclipse) and does not add new features. I will proritize your requirement higher...

      So far, we have not needed it ourselves because of firewall concerns - our desktop machines seldom have the 20000-25000 incoming TCP port range open, which is a requirement for transferring files directly to them. In other words, we mainly rely on GridFTP to do server-server transfers (especially for archiving data) and use other mechanisms (like a network file system or sftp) for desktop-server transfers. The basic philosophy is that the data "stays on the Grid" and desktop machines are just used to control processing.