Using GRI from external process

  • HarmonicSoftware

    We would like to use GRI for image previewing capability from an external process, (i.e. our program is a standalone interpreted matrix language).  Will this be possible, and does anyone have experience with GRI in such mode?  Preferrably we will pass the image data (numeric stream from our process) bypassing file creation.

    • Dan Kelley

      Dan Kelley - 2007-08-28

      Can you be a little more specific?  Is Gri to read in the data, or will your program do that?  And if gri is not to create a file, then what would you like it to do?

      It would also help to know your OS.  On a unix system (including Macintosh), you can accomplish quite a lot with shellscripts, and so on a machine with reasonable speed it is sometimes simplest to just string several system commands together in a shellscript.

      • HarmonicSoftware

        Our program will read in, or create the data.  We would like to pass the data to GRI (preferrably not as a file), and then provide a Windows, image preview of the data.  Our program would programmatically create the GRI script to do what is necessary to our end users it would just be an O-Matrix, (our language) command, e.g.

        X = rand(5,5)
        would start GRI and provide an image preview of the 5x5 random valued matrix, X. 

        If you're familiar with Matlab, we are trying to duplicate a subset of the functionality of the image() function,

        • Dan Kelley

          Dan Kelley - 2007-08-28

          Will this be a commercial application?

          • HarmonicSoftware

            Yes, see  My understanding is that GRI has a GNU license so our design would be that we add the support to our language and our end users that want it would also need to download GRI themselves.  Is that a workable model?

            • Dan Kelley

              Dan Kelley - 2007-08-29

              Thanks for letting me know about your software.  It looks interesting and I wish you good luck with it.

              Like most open-source developers, I am not an expert on the licensing, and so I cannot advise on that issue.

              I am happy to be able to offer advice to Gri users and to open-source developers, in recognition of the collaborative spirit of the free software community.  As I understand it, your software is commercial, and of a closed-source variety, and so it is difficult for me to justify spending much time offering more advice on the issues you've raised in this thread.

              Good luck with your work, and please consider posting any elements of it that you feel may be useful to the wider community, and that you are willing to share openly.


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