Build Error 2.12.11: tex not found

  • Rich Shepard

    Rich Shepard - 2006-05-06

    I've not experienced this problem when building from source tarballs. Gri-2.12.11 dies trying to make refcard.tex. It tells me that it cannot find 'tex'. However, if I cd to that directory and type 'tex refcard.tex' it works 'cause tex is installed on the system.

    Any idea what might be broken in the Makefile? Or, elsewhere?

    When I can get a clean build I'll donate the Slackware-10.2 package for others to use.


    • Dan Kelley

      Dan Kelley - 2006-05-06

      I imagine the problem is in line 135 of


      which is calling "tex" directly, as though it is within the path.  Maybe the path that is being used by Make is not the same as the path that's being used by a user.

      I just had a look at the "configure" documentation, and I don't see any checks for "tex".  (I was hoping to find a test such as AC_PROG_RANLIB, which checks for ranlib.)

      There is a simple hack, but it is not pretty.  Just find out where tex is located by typing

      which tex

      and then hard-wire that into the


      file at line 136 and a few other lines below that.

      That is a solution that is OK for a single user, but what if you have your tex installed in a different location from another user?  Then doing this for a package would not help a lot.

      The real solution is to fix this up in the script, perhaps by looking for tex in a few places and then storing the local location in a variable to be handed to the Makefile files.

      QUESTION: can you build from cvs?  If so, I can at least isolate the tex calls to use a variable, so that only one line in doc/ will have to be changed.

    • Rich Shepard

      Rich Shepard - 2006-05-07


        I put the path, /usr/share/texmf/bin/, in front of  the tex command in ../doc/ on lines 136 and 140. Re-ran ./configure, but the build still failed at the same point:

      make[2]: Entering directory `/opt/gri-2.12.11/doc'
      tex ./refcard.tex
      make[2]: tex: Command not found
      make[2]: *** [] Error 127

        I'll try building from the head of cvs and let you know the results.




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