Clueless newby needs only a paragraph of help

Ol' Bab
  • Ol' Bab

    Ol' Bab - 2007-03-07

    The really basic stuff for a WinXP install, please.
    What to download -OK, download the GUI, that's obvious- and GREYCstoration? And libraries, and maybe a C compiler???
    Ol' Bab

    • e268

      e268 - 2007-03-26

      1. Download the latest GREYCstoration 2.5.2 windows version and extract.  You will see an extracted file named GREYCstoration_pc_win32.

      2. Download GREYCstorationGUI_0.1.1 into a folder

      3. Copy GREYCstoration_pc_win32 from step 1 and paste in GREYCstorationGUI folder.

      4.  Install ImageMagick windows version.

      5. In GREYCstorationGUI_0.1.1 directory click the gui file to run.

      6.  Enter the default parameters:

      Greyc Gui parameters:                   

      Smooth strength        20           
      Contour preservation    0.1           
      Smooth anisotropy    0.5           
      Noise Scale        0.3                   
      Geometry regularity    1.4   
      Number of iterations    1       

      7.  Browse and choose picture to restore, then hit restore button at bottom and watch it happen.

      8.  When done, hit S key to save final image which is stored in ImageMagick and you will have to transfer to wherever folder you want.  I have not been able to direct the saved image to the destination folder automatically.

      Good luck.  It works, and the result is astounding.                   

      • Ol' Bab

        Ol' Bab - 2007-03-26

        Thank you!
        Will try it soon...

        Ol' Bab

    • e268

      e268 - 2007-03-26

      In step 3, change the name GREYCstoration_pc_win32 to GREYCstoration_win32


      NTHRIWZ - 2007-05-10

      Does GREYCstorationGUI need ImageMagick installed to run (I really have no need for it)?  If so where can I find a compiled copy (all that I can find is the source code)?

      The problem I have with GREYCstorationGUI now (without ImageMagick installed) is I get the error message:

      c:\windows\\framework\v1.1.4322\mscorwks.dll could not be loaded

      I've Googled myself silly and can't find a way to overcome that problem.

      This is on a WinXP Pro SP2 system with all of the latest OS updates.


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