#79 model table options


I quite often use the modeltab command and its output to tex-files.
Usually I attach a name to a model like e.g. "Model_1". Unfortunately
the default column headings are "(1), (2), ..." and one cannot change
this via the script (at least as far as I know). So, every time you run a
script which automatically generates the table(s), the output is not as
demanded and one need to setup up the things manually at the very
beginning. These options then apply to all tables following, which is of
course bit annoying.

I think it would be worth to add a some options as e.g.:

  1. "set modtab_colhead NAME"
  2. "set modtab_colhead ABC"
  3. "set modtab_colhead 123"
  4. "set modtab I"

Similar for decimal places:
"set modtab_dec int" #choose an integer value

Option for parantheses:
"set modtab_parant pval" #show p-values
"set modtab_parant asterisk" #show sign. asterisks


  • Sven S.

    Sven S. - 2015-03-12

    I haven't understood the description of the problem very well, but the request for the column header options is quite clear.


  • Allin Cottrell

    Allin Cottrell - 2015-03-13

    OK, in current CVS (not yet snapshots) options chosen in the
    model table format dialog are saved between gretl sessions.
    Since the model table is a GUI-only thing I think this is a
    better approach than adding "set" variables.

  • Sven S.

    Sven S. - 2015-03-13

    Ok I'm closing this hoping that the new feature matches the request. The discussion possibility remains open, of course.


  • Sven S.

    Sven S. - 2015-03-13
    • status: open --> closed

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