#29 User's guide won't open


After clicking the "user's guide" button at the bottom of the gretl gui window, and after the pdf file is downloaded, the file won't open complaining: "Command failed: acroread", which is very annoying.

The reason is that not every body uses the acroread program for viewing pdf files and it is not installed by default on most of the distros.

A simple work around would be to call some other apps like "evince" or "xpdf" that might be installed on the system.


  • Riccardo "Jack" Lucchetti

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    It's not a real bug: you need to set your pdf viewer under Tools > Preferences > General, under the "Programs" tab

    Perhaps the error message could be a little more informative, though.

  • Allin Cottrell

    Allin Cottrell - 2008-01-13

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    No, it's not a real bug, but I take the point that having acroread as
    the default PDF viewer is less than ideal. I've added in CVS a routine
    that's called at start-up: see if the currently defined PDF viewer
    is available, and if not try a list of possible candidates, including
    xpdf, evince and kpdf. If a workable viewer is found, substitute
    this for the default.

  • Allin Cottrell

    Allin Cottrell - 2008-01-13
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  • Amir

    Amir - 2008-01-17

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    You were right. It's not a real bug.

    But it would be nice if you did the same (in the added start-up routine)
    for other external programs like browser, calculator, etc.

    Also, as jack pointed out, a more informative error message
    would at least stop newbies like me from considering this
    a bug and not knowing what to do but to submit it.

    An error message could be like this:
    "The acroread program was not found on your system
    for viewing pdf files. Please specify your pdf viewer
    in 'hyperlink to Preference>General>Programs'"

  • Allin Cottrell

    Allin Cottrell - 2008-01-17

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    In current CVS, if one of those external programs is not
    found, you'll get a better error message, then you'll be
    taken straight to the Preferences item where that program
    can be selected.


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