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Develepment Update

Now the christmas holiday time has set in I have much more time to work on GR.

If I can manage to work out CVS during the nexn couple of weeks I'll upload the new changes to the server. There's not much functional difference in the current version then there was in Holocaust, but the backend stuff is now much more tighter. Hopefully I can clean up all the code without a complete rewrite.

Have a good christmas everyone... read more

Posted by David Kerr 2002-12-21

We're back!

We've just gone back into development!

Once we're ready we'll be so much better.

"Retribution is nigh"

Posted by David Kerr 2002-12-14

First Official Gefallende Reich Round

On Thursday the 27th of July, Gefallende Reich ( will be reseting its database and beginning the Official First round.

Gefallende Reich has been in development since last October, and has undergone many radical changes since the days of it's first creation. This first release will be marked as a special even in GR's timeline as it is the first Offical round; all others before it have been alpha and beta rounds. ... read more

Posted by David Kerr 2002-06-26

.zip Release Available

For all of those that can not open .tar.gz archives I have created and released a .zip version of Holocaust.1


Posted by David Kerr 2002-05-11

New .Zip Release Coming Soon

I've had several requests for Holocaust.1 to have a .zip release.

It will be here within the next couple of days!

Posted by David Kerr 2002-05-08

CVS updates

As soon as I work out how, I will upload everything up to the CVS thing. Any help with this will be GREATLY appreciated.

Posted by David Kerr 2002-05-06 Getting huge!

Over 140 registrations and 30k page views! That's incredible for something that has been running only a couple of months!

Hope the downloads for Holocaust.1 will be as popular, the old 0.5.0 release managed about 70 downloads so this new wone should do better.

I love Gefallende Reich!

Posted by David Kerr 2002-05-06

Manual Will Be Ready Soon

The user-manual for the game will be ready for release in a couple of hours.

It will be in HTML format.

Posted by David Kerr 2002-05-05

Manual Will Be Ready Soon

The user-manual for the game will be ready for release in a couple of hours.

It will be in HTML format.

Posted by David Kerr 2002-05-05

New Things Coming Soon

Latest Gefallende Reich release is now available!

Things that will be appearing here soon:
A player's manual (very soon!)
CVS updates (as soon as I work out how)
More development

Watch this space!

Posted by David Kerr 2002-05-05

Gefallende Reich Release - GR-Holocaust.1 Available!

So much has changed since the last relase (0.5.0) it is difficult knowing where to start!

First of all, the release version naming is different. It used to be in the Standard X.Y.Z format, but it is now in a (string)-X format. This version is Holocaust-1. Reasons for this is that updates are easier to track and releases will be easier to identify.

The game uses a radically new system compared with the old one. The only noticable change to the player is that the status bar (inforbar.php) is updated immediatly after an action now, whereas before the page would need to be refreshed first. To the developers the changes are much more dramatic, each file is now seperated into a 'Process File' and an 'Output File', the processes are done before anything is outputted to the screen so that when it is it is up-to-date. This new system uses a much tidier directory tree within the game so its navigation should be much easier now.... read more

Posted by David Kerr 2002-05-05

Release Later Today

Only a few finishing touchs need to be made now, then the first release of Gefallende Reich will be made (under the new system, there is a very primitive release already available).

The new version, GR-Holocaust.1 will be availible in a few hours (hopefully).

Posted by David Kerr 2002-05-05

Konrad Haenel

Konrad Haenel has just recently joined the Gefallende Reich Development team, and within the first 24 hours of being with us he has given the site new life!

To see more of Konrad's work then visit his site,, you can also discuss his work with Gefallende Reich on our forums,

Expect big things from Gefallende Reich in the near future! A new release is also on it's way soonish

Posted by David Kerr 2002-04-27

New Release Coming Soon

The downloads of the current release are creeping up, it's nice to see!

There'll be a new one soon, just a quick notice to say so.

Posted by David Kerr 2002-04-24

Developer Mailing List

There will soon be a mailing list for anybody interesting in becoming a developer of Gefallende Reich.

If you download the source code then please join the list too, so I know who is interested in my project.

In the meantime why not make yourself known on the Gefallende Reich Forums?

Posted by David Kerr 2002-04-14

Help Wanted: PHP Developers and Graphic Designers

Coinciding with the release of the first version of Gefallende Reich, we are asking for assistance in the graphics area and also in the PHP development area.

Gefallende Reich is a multiplayer game written in PHP which makes use of mySQL database tables. The Current graphics on the site ( ) are pretty bad at the moment, any help with that would be greatly apprecieated. We are also seeking ways in which the improve or extend the actual code of the game, hence the reason for the PHP developer request.... read more

Posted by David Kerr 2002-04-09

First Release Gefallende Reich Available!

We have released the first version of Gefallende Reich! V 0.5.0 is ready to be downloaded and installed which includes everything that you need to get it running. All of the scripts which feature on the game's official site ( including the structures of the mySQL database tables and also sample crontab commands which are required to run the 'ticker' scripts.

Posted by David Kerr 2002-04-09

Release Later Today

As promised, I will be making a release today.
However, I have not had time to do it up to a stage so that it can be fully classed as being finished as the Ground Assault and Airstrike Features have not yet been done. I believe that everything else is though.

More information about this will be posted with the release later today.

Posted by David Kerr 2002-04-07

Graphic/Artist Dude Required

For years I have thought that I can not draw. Then today, I loaded the GIMP up for a play around and again discovered that I can't draw. Later I tried to make the game's layout a little more cheerful. I failed. Again.

I'm looking for someone with a little bit more competence with a digital paintbrush than what I have to draw up some nice logos and other graphics for the game.

Please mail me if you are interested. ( read more

Posted by David Kerr 2002-04-02

Current Status

We've been working very hard in an attempt to get the first version (well second actually) ready for release. Hopefully, it will be ready by the end of next week; in the meantime though, I will be opening the forums on the main page ( so that future developers/players can talk with each other.

Posted by David Kerr 2002-03-30

SourceForge Approved

Woo! Just got confirmation that SourceForge.Net have approved my proposal for Gefallende Reich to base it's plunge into the world of Open-Source on it's servers. :-) Yay :-)

Posted by David Kerr 2002-03-28