How to get Gregarius Not to Phone Home

  • Chris Pollett

    Chris Pollett - 2010-12-17

    Gregarius was a pretty cool RSS reader, but active develop seems to have stopped 2008-2009 and now the site itself has gone dark. Unfortunately, the dashboard screen of gregarius checks this now dark site before doing anything. This makes using gregarius awkward at best now because you have to wait for the request to to timeout before the admin panel will show up. What I did to fix this was to edit the file admin/index.php and comment out the following lines as so:


               /* if(true == getConfig('rss.config.defaultdashboard')) {
                } else {

                     //array (CST_ADMIN_DOMAIN_DASHBOARD, __('Dashboard')),

    Hope this helps somebody. I still think gregarius is a very nice rss reader and the code is pretty easy to modify so should still be serviceable for quite a while without developer support.

  • lokha

    lokha - 2010-12-19

    wow thanks a lot!!! i've been browsing the code and trying to find out how to get greagrius not to phone home without luck, thanks a lot for sharing your solution. works perfectly!!! finally, i'm able to use the admin section again!

    are you going to switch to another feed aggregator or are you you going to continue using it?  i've been searching and looking and haven't found a greagarius alternative so far


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