Thanks and a couple of questions...

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    First, thanks for the great app... I love it!

    Second, a couple of "can I do this?" questions.

    1) Can I have a "mark this feed as read" button at the bottom of the list in addition to the top? I read down the list and when I'm at the bottom, I have to scroll to the top to mark them as read. Maybe I could skin this?

    2) When I'm reading individual feeds (click the name of the feed in the left column), when I mark one as read, it jumps to the next... that's nice, but it doesn't jump in the order they are displayed in the column at the left... should it?

    Thanks again,

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Bruce, sure thing, I can add an additional button to the bottom of the list, on problem at all. Will try to do this via plugin... are you running the CVS version? Could you please contact me via email?

      Oh, and the fact that Gregarius jumps to the wrong channel when you mark one as read, well that's a bug. Will look into this right away.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Cannot modify header information

      What gives?



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