• Brian Tingle

    Brian Tingle - 2001-07-02

    I had to make these changes to perllib/classify/ to get the classifier to run

    <     # my $total++;
    <     # print "file $total: $file\n" if ($self->{'$verbosity'});
    >     my $total++;
    >     print "file $total: $file\n" if ($self->{'$verbosity'});
    <     close $self->{'dochandle'};

    Where can I find out how to make a thesaurus in phind format?

    • Gordon Paynter

      Gordon Paynter - 2001-07-03

      Phind development has stalled lately, but Kathy McGowan and I are looking into it again very soon now - hopefully, it will soon be a bit more reliable and easier to use (not to mention more efficient).

      The thesaurus data is in an internal format that I have yet to describe officially - I really want to use some sort of XML format, but haven't got around to it.  If you email me and let me know your email address I can send you an example of the thesaurus format and an explanation.

      Gordon (


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