URL collections? Metadata?

  • Drew Duckworth

    Drew Duckworth - 2003-02-17

    are there any examples of greenstone being used to build URL-only collections? for example, as posted by a community, adding comments, ratings etc.?

    additionally, how do current collections handle individual contributors of materials adding metadata? in the case of a URL collection, e.g. DC.Subject, and perhaps DC.Type.category. 

    • Anonymous - 2003-02-19

      Hi, I'm not entirely sure what you're wanting to achieve. Greenstone can index a website and return the URLs of pages that match a query (see http://nzdl2.cs.waikato.ac.nz/cgi-bin/library?a=p&p=about&c=scms for an example collection that indexes our websites). But greenstone isn't very good at doing dynamic comments, ratings etc like slashcode (that runs slashdot.org) or phpslash (similar but written in php).

      In regards to your second question, handling arbitrary metadata is fine. You can assign arbitrary metadata to documents, and have greenstone index/browse on it. I've seen some sites that have extensive front-ends to greenstone so that their internal users can upload documents and assign metadata to it from drop -down boxes etc in an HTML form.

      If you look at the greenstone.org website, we have made the collection collect.cfg files available for all the demonstration collections that are on nzdl.org.

      Hope this helps


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