Error: config.dat could not be loaded (Vista)

  • fs01

    fs01 - 2008-08-14

    Good morning,

    (I'm not an expert and Vista's still quite confusing to me. So, sorry to maybe bother you with a very stupid matter)

    After installation and running Greenshot successfully for some time, I've now been getting an error each time I start Greenshot on my Lenovo (OS: Vista). This goes also for the autostart, of course. Re-Installing did not have an effect. It says:

    "Could not load Greenshot's configuration file. Please check access permissions for C:\Users\fs\AppData\Roaming\Greenshot\config.dat"

    I had blocked some things in the autostart via msconfig, but Greenshot I did not select. I'm still using the account I used when I set up GS, so I don't really understand why Users\fs should not have access to that file anymore?

    Thanks for any ideas (please keep it simple ;o)


    • Jens Klingen

      Jens Klingen - 2008-08-14

      Hi Spike,

      Sorry to hear you're having trouble with Greenshot.
      I believe that the config file got screwed up for some reason...

      Could you please rename or delete the config.dat file and restart Greenshot?
      When the program starts and there is no config.dat file, it generates a new one.
      This should solve the problem, however your Greenshot settings will be discarded.

      Sorry for the inconvenience, we will try to figure out what could have caused the problem.


    • fs01

      fs01 - 2008-08-15

      Morning Jens,

      thanks for replying that quickly. It's working again, so thanks very much indeed!!

      I do wish you all the best when dealing with Vista. That OS is really great, it took me minutes to even find the right folder ;o)


      • fs01

        fs01 - 2008-08-21


        well, well... happened again, I'm afraid. Here's some info:

        Full access to config.dat, acc. to security settings, is given to:

        fs (fs-PC\fs)

        Properties of "config.dat":
        File size: 0 Bytes
        Created: 15.8.2008 8.23hrs
        Changed: 20.8.2008 23.13hrs
        Attrib.: AN
        User: fs-PC\fs
        Computer: FS-PC (this Computer)

        (terms are translations from German, so they may be called slightly different in Engl. Vistas)

        I wonder why the file size is 0?
        Oh, there was a Vista-update yesterday by the way (but this was 12 hrs earlier; and around 11 p.m. I had a mobile logged on via bluetooth, but I can't remember to have changed any account settings.

        I have renamed file again, so it is working for the moment.

        • Jens Klingen

          Jens Klingen - 2008-08-21

          Hi Spike,

          thanks for the update on this issue.

          The file size of 0 bytes is a perfectly valuable information for us - good starting point for futher investigation. So it def has nothing to do with permissions in the first place, something goes wrong when the file is written...

          We still have not been able to reproduce this, neither on Vista nor XP systems... however I do not think that this has anything to do with your particular environment.... Can you remember doing anything 'special' with Greenshot last time you used it before the config file went broke?

          Thanks again for helping us in tracking this issue down :)

    • fs01

      fs01 - 2008-08-21

      Hi Jens,

      I tend to hit the Print- button by accident, when I actually mean to press Del next to it. I found out that I -instead of taking a useless photo and not saving it- could quit more quickly by simply pressing Esc. But I did that more than once the last days without any crashes, so I doubt I could be that..

      I think, the last actions I used it for was taking a pic, copy to clipboard and passing it into a mail; and then taking another one, copy to clipboard and trying to pass it into an OpenOffice doc (I noticed that CTRL+V did not work, so I had to save the pic and put it into the doc using the commands from the menu). But thats not too exotic, I reckon..?!


    • fs01

      fs01 - 2008-10-07

      Hi Jens, hi all,

      some news. After some weeks without any trouble I just got another crash. This time I got some more related info by Vista (what was different to crashes in the past: up to now I was informed GS won`t work when my machine was booting; this time I was informed immediately after the crash. Hope you don't mind the German, I don't know any English translation):

        Stopped working

        Problemereignisname:    APPCRASH
        Application Name:    Greenshot.exe
        Application Version:
        Application Timestamp:    47d28447
        Fault Module Name:    winmm.dll
        Fault Module Version:    6.0.6000.16386
        Fault Module Timestamp:    4549be1d
        Exception Code:    c0000094
        Exception Offset:    0000547e
        Betriebsystemversion:    6.0.6000.
        Gebietsschema-ID:    1031

      Could that be related to crashes in the past?

      Thanks and Br,

      • Sergey Vorobyov

        Sergey Vorobyov - 2017-06-03

        This problem whith incorrect framework net 4 installing
        reinstall or back system (used of system restore)

        Last edit: Sergey Vorobyov 2017-06-03
    • Sebastián Villarroel

      Hi Jens,

      I have a same problem with VISTA but not with XP.



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