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  • rubyuser

    rubyuser - 2009-01-16

    We installed Greenshot 0.7beta on an XP machine under the Administrator profile, after installing the .NET 2.0 Framework.  Greenshot starts up and appears in the tray, but does not honor some of the checkboxes (remember capture choice, send directly to printer without confirmation dialog, don't ask next time).  We see this behavior in both Admin and a restricted profile.

    We restarted the machine but have not yet tried uninstall/reinstall.  Wonder if other users have experienced this problem, or is it a bug, or did we do something wrong?

    • Jens Klingen

      Jens Klingen - 2009-01-17

      Actually, I do not think that there is much that can be done wrong - and as we're still in beta, it is not impossible that you encounter a bug in one place or another.

      I'm not sure if I understood your problems correctly - are there settings that are not saved at all (i.e. checkboxes reset after restarting the program), or does the program simply not behave according to the settings you made?
      Please continue to let us know if and where you encounter behavior that does not seem to be intended, we'll do our best to fix things like these for the subsequent release.

      Note below: there's one config file per user account - this means that the admin's settings will not be adopted for other users... this behavior is intended.

      btw: you don't neccessarily need admin privileges to run the greenshot installer.

    • rubyuser

      rubyuser - 2009-01-17

      Even if the (Preferences..., Output tab, Settings) "Show print options dialog..." box is cleared, the print dialog still comes up the next time (and the checkbox is still cleared).  We notice this with both an HP 6890 printer driver and a Dell 3100cn (PCL6) printer driver.

      Even if the post-print "Save options as default and do not ask again" checkbox is checked, the print dialog still comes up again (with the "Save options as default and do not ask again" checkbox still cleared) the next time Greenshot is invoked.

      After experimenting with it for a while, I suspect part of the problem comes from the conflicting interpretations within the program of the final checkbox in the print options dialog.

      In the Settings dialog (that appears after selecting tray Preferences... Output tab) has a positive logic meaning ("show if checked") while the Greenshot print options dialog (that appears after printing) has a negative logic meaning ("do not ask again").  Maybe the same bit is used for both?

    • Jan Niggemann

      Jan Niggemann - 2009-01-22

      I experience the same thing with version 0.6.002...


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