Question for muli language using

  • Kevin Taillens

    Kevin Taillens - 2012-06-25


    Thanks, it's really a great program!

    We want to include this software in all the PC in our enterprise (approximately 1300 computers), so i'm searching for a solution with the different languages.

    Our computers are multi language (french, german, italian and english), and the interface of Windows can change the language in fonction of the user are connected.

    My question is: There is a thing who can allow me to change the language by script automatically at the logon of the user (By Batch, Registry edit, or something else)?

    Where are the language settings stocked? i didn't found it in the registery.

    Thank you in advance.

    Best regards

  • Jens Klingen

    Jens Klingen - 2012-06-25

    Hi thanosien,

    Thanks a lot :) Glad to hear you like Greenshot and are willing to roll it out in your company.

    With the latest version, it is possible to change the language (along with a lot of other settings) in Greenshot's configuration file, greenshot.ini. It is even possible to provide default settings (which can be overridden by the user) or fixed settings (that will restore each time Greenshot is started)… use greenshot-defaults.ini or greenshot-fixed.ini to do so…
    Please have a look at this forum thread, where Robin explained this feature in more detail:

    Best regards,
    Jens :)

  • Kevin Taillens

    Kevin Taillens - 2012-06-26


    Thanks a lot, i've create a GPO who can edit the .ini file for modify the language value and this is working at the perfection!

    I look soon to make a donation to your program and to thank you for your support fast and excellent.

    Best Regards


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