Second instance of greenshot.exe doesn't close after close editing window

  • Brittney Smith

    Brittney Smith - 2013-01-26

    Sometimes GS has 2 instances of greenshot.exe in task mgr. Can't figure exactly when that happens. Not by clicking short cut 2x, because that warns there's already an instance running. Whe the 2nd instance DOES show up, when I close the editing screen in gs, the 2nd instance of greenshot.exe stays open in task manager - forever, if I don't end it. Taking 65 - 85 MB working set.

    If there a particular time / reason that a 2nd instance of executable would be launched?

  • Robin Krom

    Robin Krom - 2013-01-26

    I have some questions:
    1) Do the processes run under different users?
    2) did you open a file which opens in Greenshot?
    3) the editing screen as you call it is not an instance itself, just one window of a running instance. Closing this doesn't close Greenshot, just the editor window. But having two processes in the task manager does mean something, please have a look where they point to. If you look at the properties of the running processes you should be able to see where the executable is located.

  • Brittney Smith

    Brittney Smith - 2013-01-27

    1 & 2 - No.

    Yes, I got that closing the editor (what do you call it? That's what it's called in every other screenshot prgm) doesn't launch / close a 2nd instance.

    I didn't look closely at any special switches, etc., after the executable, but they were both greenshot.exe & both from the same basic path. I couldn't duplicate the situation, so will have to wait. I only have one shortcut, so unless "one slipped by" the preventing a 2nd instance from starting, I don't know how it could've showed up.

  • Robin Krom

    Robin Krom - 2013-01-27

    Yes, Editor is what we call it, you called it editing screen.

    To get multiple Greenshot instances one must either run them from different Windows sessions on the same PC (switching to another user, or running it as a different user)... Another instance can be started shortly, e.g. When you associate a filetype to it, but this instance should pass the information to the running instance.

    For now I don't know what might be wrong, will look at it.


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