Disable Some of the Extra Icons/Destinations

Alan Jones
  • Alan Jones

    Alan Jones - 2012-06-14

    Is there a way to disable some of the extra destinations after they have all been installed? 

    I really don't need to send a screen shot directly to PowerPoint, Excel, Paint, Dropbox, Imgur, or a few others.  Having the icons go away and even removing those that are there from the right click on the task manger would be nice.

  • Robin Krom

    Robin Krom - 2012-06-14

    Do you want to disable them alltogether or only at some location?
    Disabling the plugins or destinations should be possible, don't have GUI options yet but it is possible via the .ini
    Don't know the settings right now, will check for you.

  • Alan Jones

    Alan Jones - 2012-06-16

    I would love a series of check boxes maybe on the destination page saying saying disable…. If it is disabled then the icons and references don't load.  Giving a little cleaner interface for those of us that don't need to support every application.

    Maybe if it is not loading the support/icon maybe one less thing to worry about on startup/capture?

  • Robin Krom

    Robin Krom - 2012-07-04

    For the 1.0 I don't want to change the GUI, we want to release as soon as possible and I don't think this is a show-stopper.
    Changing the GUI would be some more work than "just a checkbox", and as I want to redesign the destination settings this should wait.

    As a work around you can disable plugins and destinations in the Greenshot.ini.

    For the plugins, you can use the following in the .ini, the names from the plugin are those from the "plugins" tab in the settings:
    ; Comma separated list of Plugins which are NOT allowed.
    ExcludePlugins=Imgur Plugin
    The "good" thing about disabling a plugin, is that the destinations are not available and less initializing needs to be done.

    Or for the destinations:
    ; Comma separated list of destinations which should be disabled.

    Here the names are a bit harder to know, as they are not visible from the outside unless you select them all and look into the ini file with the Destinations setting… some possibilities are already documented there, but those from the plugins are not.

    Currently know destinations:
    External <command> (the command is defined by the name you give to the external command)

    Maybe I have forgotten one… anyway, this should help you get started without having to wait on the release after 1.0

    Best wishes,

  • Alan Jones

    Alan Jones - 2012-07-13

    thanks for the update…. i can say in working with users that are less comfortable with computers having all the icons on the screen can be a little confusing to some.  I completely understand why is is not in 1.0.  I work at a nonprofit organization and installed the new Greenshot on someone's computer who previously had the .8x series and the extra icons confused them. 

    They liked having the Outlook one in their case but the others were not needed

    I know each user will be unique. So not sure how to handle this.

  • Mike

    Mike - 2012-08-21

    This worked great, thanks!  One minor issue, for some reason I can get everything I want removed from the destination list except Dropbox.

  • Robin Krom

    Robin Krom - 2013-07-15

    To give you an idea of what I am working on:

    A redesign of the setting GUI in Greenshot 2 will solve most issues, I attached a screenshot of the drag & drop settings for the destination picker. Here you can add & remove destinations or change the order.

    Everything is work-in-progress, look & feel is subject to change.

    • Dirk Watkins

      Dirk Watkins - 2013-08-29

      Very nice. I like what you're up to for 2.0. Thanks!

  • Drexl

    Drexl - 2014-02-24

    Is this still planned? Having such a huge list of sources to pick from is my #1 usability complaint with Greenshot. I want to have (tiny) list of options to choose from, but because I can't have that I end up not using the list at all and just frustrating myself when I want to use a different source than my default.

    Also, I can't find the .ini mentioned in this topic. It's probably old information.
    What are the names I should use in the ini for MS Paint and Outlook

    Has FileDefault changed? This does not remove anything from the context menu for me.

    Last edit: Drexl 2014-02-24

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