Capture resolution too low

  • denisb

    denisb - 2013-01-11

    Greenshot captures at 72 dpi, which I don't think is my actual screen resolution. I don't see a dpi setting on the monitor, but the display is 1600 x 900, which I *think* maps to over 100dpi. On the same system, Snagit detects (and captures at) 96 dpi, which is more like it.

    Environment: Greenshot 1.0.6, Windowx XP, .NET Framework 4 Extended.

  • Robin Krom

    Robin Krom - 2013-01-11

    I would have expected 96 too, let me see what we might do wrong here.

    DPI can not be calculated from a resolution only, a screen size is also needed.

  • denisb

    denisb - 2013-01-21

    It's more complicated than I said, because I'm running GS on an XP machine, accessed via Remote Desktop from Windows 7. The DPI check you kindly suggested doesn't work for me on the remote system: according to MS doc, the DPI is set by the host system.

    In my case, the host machine is a Windows 7 machine whose DPI is 120 dpi. So it's an even bigger mystery why GS uses 72dpi while other apps (snagit) detect 96.

  • denisb

    denisb - 2013-01-21

    Progress: I reset my host system to 96dpi and relaunched Remote Desktop, and voila -- GS on the remote system captures at 96dpi. It would be nice to be able to set the capture resolution independently of the system display (as in GIMP), but then it wouldn't be a lightweight tool. So consider my issue closed, and thanks to all for your support.

  • Robin Krom

    Robin Krom - 2013-01-21

    Thank you for reporting back!

    I never heard of a screen capture program which captures at a higher DPI as the screen is in. In general a screenshot is always in the same DPI as the screen, as a screen in Windows in build of pixels.

    There might be applications which can rescale the result, but this only improves the image marginally and besides is out of the scope of Greenshot.

    There might be a way of capturing WPF applications, which are vector based, in a higher resolution. This is something I will look into, but if I get this working it only works with new .NET applications.


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