Robin Krom - 2014-06-20


What do you mean with that Greenshot refused to open? Did you get an error?
Actually Greenshot hides in the background, waiting to be used.
Normally you use it by pressing the PrintScreen, maybe this doesn't work as you already have Jing running. Having multiple screenshot tools running side by side seems to be a bad idea, especially if they start both at the startup of your PC.

If Greenshot is running, there should be either an icon with a green G (or if you have a very old version it is a frog) in your system tray, thats near the clock. If you find it, right-click it to get a context menu and if you want to close Greenshot select exit.

Eventually it is hidden, if you have too many icons, look here for information on how you can find it:

If that doesn't help, check if the greenshot.exe process is running in the Task manager. You can kill the process, than unstalling should work.

If that doesn't help, maybe somehow greenshot has a problem starting (whatever reason) and doesn't "cleanup" the marker that tells that it is running before crashing. This would prevent starting Greenshot afterwards and also the installer. I would advice to remove Greenshot from the startup in Windows, you can find how here:

After that, restart and than you SHOULD be able to deinstall it...

As I don't know what is going on, and I would like to prevent such issues in the future, I would be very grateful if you could upload the greenshot.log
We describe where it is located here:

Please let us if you made any progress.

Best wishes,