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Ben Gidley

Can you add a filter to hide the Get/Set associated
with a private member variable or (as some UML tools
do) show properties as a seperate box (I am unsure if
this is valid UML).


  • BMcSkimming

    BMcSkimming - 2006-11-30

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    Thanks for the interest! Currently there is not a specific filter included in which the Get/Set methods which can be associated with an instance variable can be hidden. Although this possibility will be addressed, and may be included in a future update.

    As of right now, the filters which are accessable via the right click menu in a diagram could be adapted to filter out the Get/Set methods through adding a filter which would filter out a specific name, and then the catch would be ensuring that your naming convention was followed.

    However, there are some possible issues which are being addressed within the filtering capability, and thus my personal reccomondation would be to use the filters sparringly until our next release.

  • BMcSkimming

    BMcSkimming - 2006-11-30
    • milestone: --> In Progress
  • Anonymous - 2007-02-01

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    Eclipse surely has a piece of functionality that detects getters/setters associated with instance variables. In WebSphere Application Developer (based on an old version of Eclipse), there's a piece of functionality that demonstrates this capability. I'll check it out later today.

    Brian, etc: Consider whether this should be implemented within the preferences screen or in the filters dialog. It would also be possible to move the filters dialog to the preferences screen, but this is probably not desired.

  • Anonymous - 2007-02-03

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    See org.eclipse.jdt.internal.corext.codemanipulation.GetterSetterUtil for clues on how to get getters/setters given an IField.


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