Cannot integrate Green with Eclipse

  • helikart

    helikart - 2007-01-07

    how do I integrate green with eclipse? I have created and extension path and have another plugin already working. But when I copy all the folders from your zip file into my plugins folder, I can't find Green when I do File -> New -> Other like I do to open a new file using the other plugin I already have working.

    Thanks a lot.


    • BMcSkimming

      BMcSkimming - 2007-01-23

      Thanks for trying Green.

      The best way currently to create a new diagram is to right click on either your java class file or package.  Within that right click context menu is an option to create a new UML file.

      If you have questions regarding whether or not you have green properly installed, the easiest verification method is to go to Help -> About Eclipse SDK -> Plugin Details.

      Thanks again and if there are any other questions don't hesitate to ask!

      Brian McSkimming

    • Mary Ann Finnerty

      checked that the install was correct - help ->eclipse sdk -> plugins
      all the green plugins are there


      when I right click on anything in my project, I don't have any options for UML.
      I have the standard options that I had before installing green.  I'd include a snapshot, but don't seem to be able to do that with this editor.


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