#71 Green UML destroys version controlled *.dia files


Using Eclipse and subversion with subclipse plug-in. Committed several versions of the same *.dia file. Then checked out the initial revision of the *.dia file. Before I open the *.dia file in Eclipse, all of the original XML is there. After I open the *.dia file, Eclipse erases the contents of the file and replaces it with:



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    On further investigation, discovered that this issue is somehow related to changing the Project name. For some reason, Green UML notices that the Eclipse project name is different from the project name in it's *.dia file, and destroys the contents of the file.

  • Carl Alphonce

    Carl Alphonce - 2007-10-11

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    The basic issue is that a diagram in Green is essentially an alternate view on the underlying code in your project. If types (classes/interfaces/enumerations) in the code disappear (e.g. through deletion, renaming or moving from one package to another). This is a problem only if the diagram is not open in Green when the change occurs, because the refactoring does not look into Green's .dia files.

    When Green opens a diagram file that contains types it cannot find, those types are no longer a part of the diagram. When Green saves the diagram (which Green does fairly often) only those types appearing in the diagram are saved. Unknown types are therefore lost - if all types in a .dia file are unknown, they will all be lost.

    We are working on a way to handle refactorings which will allow us to refactor the XML inside closed diagram files, to prevent this problem.

  • Carl Alphonce

    Carl Alphonce - 2007-10-11
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  • Carl Alphonce

    Carl Alphonce - 2007-10-11
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