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GREdit / News: Recent posts

GREdit updates

GREdit is near from it's first release.
You can test latest version from cvs web interface.

A bonus for the new year : a screenshot is available at

Posted by Damien Couderc 2002-01-10

GREdit [low priority]

I'm back after some holidays.
The project is actually on low dev speed (near from nil ;) but i will get more time after christmas (and with luck few days before).

The first work will consist in completing basic functions to make the editor operationnal .
This will result in using the editor itself for its own developpement.


Posted by Damien Couderc 2001-12-06

GREdit first alpha release

Released for test purpose, but the editor is usable and syntax engine is running

Posted by Damien Couderc 2001-11-09

GREdit has now a functional syntax engine

The syntax highlighting engine is now almost complete.
Maybe some bugs remains, but a huge effort has been done to make it running both on loading and editing a file.

Now i can work on fonts handling, preferences and other functions like search, replace, etc ...


Posted by Damien Couderc 2001-11-08