Gourmet Recipe Manager 0.15.0 Released

Gourmet recipe Manager 0.15.0 has been released.

Gourmet is a simple recipe manager with a broad range of features available as plugins, including web import and nutritional information.

The intent is to brand this release stable once it's been in the wild a week or so, assuming no showstopper bugs are found. Please test this release -- I'd like to bring as many bugs out of the woodwork as possible!

Users upgrading from unstable (0.14.x) should find a number of annoyances have been fixed, including some irritating i18n bugs.

Users upgrading from the stable branch (0.13.x) will see major changes. The biggest change is that Gourmet now uses a plugin system. The result is that Gourmet's base interface has been drastically simplified (for example, ingredient keys were removed from the default set-up) while plugins allow users to add functionality as needed (including all old the old ingredient key-editing functionality).

Posted by tom 2009-08-23

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