Gourmet 0.14 released - with new plugin architecture!

Gourmet 0.14 has made its way out of CVS and into a tarball today. The unstable release is the first snapshot of the new plugin-based Gourmet. You can now disable all of the fancy extras (nutrition, etc.) to get a simplified Gourmet, and it's not possible to write plug-ins to add all the functionality that has previously been rejected in order to maintain a simplified interface. The new release is unstable and has a few regressions (some features have been removed from the main interface and haven't yet been reimplemented as plugins), but there are also some interface improvements (much better search, for example).

Backup your ~/.gourmet directory before jumping in, as this is an unstable release, but please do download this and play with it. It is still under active development, so I'm sure there will be plenty of bug reports to file, but more importantly I'm hoping developers who've been thinking about getting involved will seize this moment to come on board and help create new plugins, improve the core interface, and refine and finalize the plugin architecture.

Posted by tom 2008-06-01

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