Gourmet enthusiasts,

I just wanted to let folks know that I've started work on a web-based front-end to Gourmet. I don't know where this will go exactly -- whether we create a plugin that allows you to run a webserver from the GUI, or whether (more likely) we create a completely separate way to run the application as a web-based app, or whether I end up hosting a web-based Gourmet and somehow allowing users to share recipes through it -- but I wanted to start working on some web-based code to protect Gourmet from becoming obsolete in the coming years, and to allow my wife to access our recipes on her fancy smart phone (via the web browser).

The code I just committed doesn't have any obvious way to run, but can be run in place via the django manage.py interface. I currently have the code in the plugins/ directory but it may well move in the future.

Here's the functionality I have thus far:
- Listing recipes
- Searching recipes
- Displaying a recipe card
- Multiplying recipes
- Adding recipes to shopping list

None of this looks good yet. Going forward, we will need to be looking at...
- Getting the web design to actually look good (CSS magic, etc)
- Ajaxification (javascript development!)
- Working w/ plugins, nutrition, etc.

I'll be learning javascript as I go, so I'd love to get some involvement from other developers. If you have webdesign skills or are interested in learning, I'd love to get your help working on this experimental web front-end. Right now we're still really at the experimental phase, but eventually we'll need to make some important decisions, such as what kinds of platforms to target, what javascript library to user, and so on.

For now, you can grab the latest code from git and start playing around. If you have ideas or want to get involved, please respond to the list!