I like it. I always thought the recipe box metaphor was straightforward, but it's not particularly fun -- the cookie is much more whimsical, and pleasurable... and it does a better job getting at the whole fun of collecting recipes and cooking.

In some sense cookies aren't a great match for the "gourmet" name, but I can't think of a "Gourmet" food that would read as easily (and besides, people like cookies... and cookies are something you almost always consult a recipe for, which make them a better fit than e.g. wine and cheese or a cut of meat or something)


On Sat, Oct 24, 2009 at 6:07 PM, Nyall Dawson <nyall@zombiepigs.net> wrote:

I thought I'd give a shot at revamping the icons used in gourmet, to
match the tango style and better fit with the gnome desktop. I've been
playing around with the main program icon, and I'd like some feedback
before going further! I thought a specific food-icon would work better
than the current one (which is hard to distinguish from any generic
database-type app), so here's a quick mockup of a cookie icon. What do
you think? Is there a different food/concept icon you'd prefer? Would
you be interested in some new icons for the program?


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