Me too, I think I could get more done if I could make changes on the fly in windows, it seems I am home less and less and that is where my linux boxes are...

Daniel Folkinshteyn <> wrote:
hey Roland,
so i was wondering if you would be kind enough to teach me how to use
the python source of gourmet in win. what do i need to have on my
system to compile the stuff? since i have not played with python
before, i have no clue where to even look, but i would like to try my
hand at it. for one, i could test releases from cvs without having to
wait for you to make an exe distro, and for two, it would give me a
chance to play with python source, maybe even submit some simple
i would really appreciate your guidance on this.
keeping this on list, since others, now or in the future, may be
interested as well.

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