Which database? (CVS HEAD, Windows)

  • Arnout Engelen
    Arnout Engelen

    setup.py seems to insist on pysqlite2 on Windows. Is this the new recommended/stable database backend, or is this still Metakit?

    With pysqlite2, I get the error pasted on http://www.bzzt.net/~arnouten/wiki/index.php/Gourmet#Current_problems. Where is the database file stored? Perhaps I still have a database of an older version there which can be removed?

    • tom

      pysqlite2 is what you want to use. Metakit is effectively abandoned (since sqlite is much more common and easier to get binaries for, I don't see any reason to keep supporting metakit anyway).

      The error you're getting is related to some new development and a change in the database. You can try moving the old DB out of the way and seeing if it works. Obviously before I release the database with the updated forms, I'll make sure it properly upgrades the previous DB (in fact, it should be doing this already... if I had some more time to look into this, I would, but I'm afraid I won't be able to devote any time to Gourmet for a few days)