Problems with importing recipies from webpage

  • SothofSentience

    SothofSentience - 2005-10-19

    I just downloaded this program, and i'm having a tough time getting it to import from webpages, even the ones listed in the help file.  regardless of what i do, it never imports them.  For instance, the first listing is for in the help file.  I went to that page, and (for instance), i went to this page:
    I could not import anything from that page, even tho the recipe is right there. 

    Since i'm brand new to this (and anything using linux at all honestly), can someone detail the method which would give me results about how to add recipies via the import website function?  A direct, working example would be best!
    Thanks for your time!

    • tom

      tom - 2005-10-20

      fwiw, I'm working on a generic HTML importer that will mean that that dialog will never fail -- only be more work when Gourmet doesn't know the structure of the page. That will mean a *much* nicer experience for everyone...

      In the mean time... could you run gourmet from a terminal and then post the error you're getting?

    • SothofSentience

      SothofSentience - 2005-10-20

      thank you for responding!  :)
      i ran the debug mode and this is the tail end of the log, from the point i asked it to import a recipe (in this instance, i happened to use, Bourbon Chicken)
      I hope this helps!

      DEBUG:  gourmet\importers\importer.pyo: 41 Using existing keymanager
      DEBUG:  gourmet\GourmetThreads.pyo: 26 SuspendableThread starting thread.
      DEBUG:  gourmet\GourmetRecipeManager.pyo: 1097 starting thread
      DEBUG:  gourmet\GourmetRecipeManager.pyo: 1098 PRE_HOOKS=[<function <lambda> at
      0x0249C730>, <function show_progress_dialog at 0x0249C3F0>, <function <lambda> a
      t 0x0246E370>, <function <lambda> at 0x02496C30>, <function <lambda> at 0x0249C1
      DEBUG:  gourmet\GourmetRecipeManager.pyo: 1099 POST_HOOKS=[<function <lambda> at
      0x024967F0>, <bound method RecGui.import_cleanup of <gourmet.GourmetRecipeManag
      er.RecGui instance at 0x024410F8>>, <function <lambda> at 0x0249C330>]
      DEBUG:  gourmet\GourmetThreads.pyo: 61 Running <function <lambda> at 0x0249C730>

      DEBUG:  gourmet\GourmetThreads.pyo: 61 Running <function show_progress_dialog at
      DEBUG:  gourmet\GourmetRecipeManager.pyo: 1078 showing progress dialog
      DEBUG:  gourmet\dialog_extras.pyo: 359 reassign_buttons called with pausecb=<bou
      nd method RecGui.pause_cb of <gourmet.GourmetRecipeManager.RecGui instance at 0x
      024410F8>>, stopcb=<bound method RecGui.stop_cb of <gourmet.GourmetRecipeManager
      .RecGui instance at 0x024410F8>>
      DEBUG:  gourmet\GourmetThreads.pyo: 61 Running <function <lambda> at 0x0246E370>

      DEBUG:  gourmet\GourmetThreads.pyo: 61 Running <function <lambda> at 0x02496C30>

      DEBUG:  gourmet\GourmetThreads.pyo: 61 Running <function <lambda> at 0x0249C1F0>

      DEBUG:  gourmet\GourmetThreads.pyo: 35 SuspendableThread Running <gourmet.import
      ers.html_importer.WebPageImporter instance at 0x024987B0>
      DEBUG:  gourmet\importers\html_importer.pyo: 343 Scraping url http://chicken.all
      DEBUG:  gourmet\importers\html_importer.pyo: 345 Scraping url returned None
      DEBUG:  gourmet\GourmetThreads.pyo: 61 Running <function <lambda> at 0x024967F0>

      C:\Program Files\Gourmet\\gourmet\ GtkWarning: gtk_co
      mbo_box_entry_set_text_column: assertion `entry_box->priv->text_column == -1' fa
      DEBUG:  gourmet\GourmetThreads.pyo: 61 Running <bound method RecGui.import_clean
      up of <gourmet.GourmetRecipeManager.RecGui instance at 0x024410F8>>
      DEBUG:  gourmet\GourmetRecipeManager.pyo: 1104 import_cleanup!
      DEBUG:  gourmet\GourmetRecipeManager.pyo: 1107 hooks: [<bound method RecGui.new_
      rec_iter of <gourmet.GourmetRecipeManager.RecGui instance at 0x024410F8>>]
      DEBUG:  gourmet\recindex.pyo: 245 search (self, *args):
      DEBUG:  gourmet\recindex.pyo: 259 do_search called with txt=, searchBy=title
      DEBUG:  gourmet\recindex.pyo: 378 update_rmodel... changing filtering criteria
      DEBUG:  gourmet\recindex.pyo: 380 visible=[]
      DEBUG:  gourmet\recindex.pyo: 168 set_reccount (self, *args):
      DEBUG:  gourmet\GourmetThreads.pyo: 61 Running <function <lambda> at 0x0249C330>

      Escaping Unable to import
      Called hide_progress_dialog!


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