since GRM crashes on win 98

  • raindog

    raindog - 2005-05-15

    I get a traceback error on every version since on win98.  On I'm now having trouble reimporting a xml recipe file that I orginally exported from GRM.  It stops part-way thru importing and says 'bad token'.   Any help would be greatly appreciated as I really want to use this excellent program, but currently it crashes, won't start, or losing the imported recipes frequently.


    • tom

      tom - 2005-05-15

      Could you attach the file that causes the error? That would help me fix it.

      "Bad token" suggests something is making XML unhappy. You might be able to see what's gone wrong by running the exported file  through an XML validator/parser (or just opening it in firefox and seeing if it shows an error). Of course, if the XML is invalid, this is a bug in gourmet export.

      I'm working on getting a more recent build working on windows, but it may be a while. Are you using the windows installer, or are you working from source?

      If you're working from source, could you please post the traceback?

    • Alex Zimmerhofer

      Short, good message: Your windows installer (without gtk) is working on my computer (Win XP SP2).

      Thanks for your good work!


    • raindog

      raindog - 2005-07-22

      I have not been able to get any version of GRM to work on win98 since v0.8.0.0.  I am working with the windows installer version.  As for the exported recipe file that had the bad token I can't find the error but I hear is a link to the file in question. these recipes.xml

      Since the last version for windows is still v0.5.1 that is the last one I have tried and it crashes at startup as well.
      As for the traceback I can't get it copied.  It mention a  DLL load failure. 

      I am using GTK2.6.8.

      I will be upgrading to win2000 soon and will try it then, but for now I'm stuck with v0.8.0.0.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated as I really like this program and would love to get it working flawlessly (including printing).



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